In 1968, a progressive entrepreneur – Senator Mervyn de Souza – had the bright idea of starting the first locally owned and controlled Insurance Brokerage Company. He held discussions with several prominent individuals included among them were Mr. C.H. Patterson, Mr. Krishna Narinesingh and Mr. John Acham. The basic idea was to bring together about thirty of the most active members of the Insurance Community as shareholders of Consolidated Insurance Consultants Limited.



In addition to the Joint Managing Directors, CIC had as advisers to the Board Mr. Krishna Narinesingh and Mervyn de Souza, whose legal, insurance and negotiating expertise were invaluable to the Company’s progress.

By virtue of Mr. de Souza’s involvement with the Government of Trinidad and Tobago as a Senator and Minister in the Ministry of Finance in 1976, Mr. De Souza resigned from all his business connections and so ceased to be one of the advisers, but tribute must be paid to the major part which he played in setting up and, establishment of the Company. Likewise tribute must be paid to Mr. Charles H Patterson who had been the Managing Directors from inception and who nursed the Company through its modest beginnings and it was under his guidance that it had grown.

As the Company evolved, on 10th July 2007 the Board of Directors took a decision to change the name of the Company from Consolidated Insurance Consultants Limited to CIC Insurance Brokers Limited.

CIC Insurance Brokers Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of CIC Holdings Limited.


Our Vision

Making insurance simple, and service remarkable for the benefit of our clients, while achieving the aspirations of our employees and shareholders.

Our Mission

To be the pre-eminent “indigenous” insurance broker through customer responsiveness, competent advice, value for money and claims performance.

Our Philosophy

To be your partner in protecting your assets and limiting your liabilities.

Our Goal

To Provide our clients with innovative Risk Management and Insurance Solutions to meet their needs and create the best possible future benefits.

Our Core Values





The Eagle in CIC’s logo is a symbol for the “Wings of Cover”. CIC will be your partner in protecting your assets and limiting your liabilities, to ensure that all our customers receive value for your money in the level of insurance coverage gained.